I've always liked beaded designs which use the netting technique. The necklaces have a beautiful open look. But I came across this wonderful tutorial which creates a beaded net scarf necklace. The design softly drapes rather like a front facing shawl. The tutorial was posted by Elena Tsvetkova over on biser.if.ua.  She included a fantastic collection of inspirational variations. Must see! This one is my favorite :

how to make a beaded net scarf necklace

The post is in Russian. The diagram should be sufficient to figure out how it is done - basically a large netted triangle.

I discovered a much easier way to get any foreign language page translated.  Use the Chrome browser (not Internet Explorer or Firefox). Just right click anywhere on the page and select "translate to English", Viola!

The link above is back. Even better,  one reader did have luck sleuthing on the internet and found the original tutorial  (this link no longer works) . Thanks a million, Deborah.

Here is another tutorial which shows the basic shape of the necklace to bead.  Use an appropriate netting design in the colors and patterns you like. The important thing is the triangular shape which will automatically drape like a cowl when worn.  Hope this helps.

Thanks to Pinterest, some of the inspirational designs in the original Russian site were "saved".  So enjoy these wonderful designs from highly creative Russian beaders.

If you want a video tutorial, check out this one :

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