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Missing Beaded Net Scarf Necklace Tutorial Found!

I know many of you were very disappointed to see that the link to this morning's post for the beaded net scarf necklace tutorial wasn't working.  I did update the post with another tutorial and explained how it is done.  However, thanks to this amazing community, the missing beaded net scarf necklace tutorial has been found!!  (Update : but the link is now gone. Please click on the link above for other tutorials.

Please also check my original post for more inspirations from Pinterest.
Original Post by THE BEADING GEM
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  1. The eyeglass holders (silicone with wire wrapping) don't work for me... the wire loosens up and the silicone "rubber band" slips out, as has happened to some of the people who purchased them on Amazon as suggested in the tutorial. The ones I bought from (Toshiba?) in NYC have a solid bead with the silicone rubber going through it, and they work very well. Even those will break sometimes, though, so I add an extra jump ring before attaching them so it's easy to replace if need be.

    Anyone know of a different source for this type of eyeglass holder attachment? (I don't know what the best name is for this finding).

    Here's the link from the tutorial for the silicone eyeglass holders, even though they aren't the best ones available. One person suggested using Superglue to repair them!

    1. I bought mine from Fire Mountain Gems. I've had the same ones on my glasses for years! And I use them everyday.


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