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Invitation to My How to Photograph Jewelry Talk!

As you know, I love sharing all the new things I learn about taking jewelry pictures on this blog - always an ongoing learning experience.  Photography is a tough subject for the majority of online jewelry artisans. Good product photography is important but for many, still a stumbling block.  I've now completely revamped and improved the talk I gave last year at the Grand River Bead Society, where I am a member.

That's because the ladies at the West Toronto Beading Guild have invited me to present it at a guest speaker event at 7 pm on Tuesday April 14 at :

John Paul II Polish-Canadian Cultural Center
4300 Cawthra Road
Mississauga ON L4Z 1V8

I would love to have you come if you are reasonably close by enough to attend.  My talk is free. There is a guest fee of $5 to the Guild if you are not already a member.

The talk simplifies the whole process of jewelry photography so YOU can begin to take better pictures.  Don't rely on others! I cover what you need to know about the different types of cameras - especially smartphone cameras, demystify the conditions and settings required and share with you many tips and tricks.  There are loads of photographs from my blog as examples.

Please bring a pen and paper for notetaking.  If you wish, bring your camera (and manual). There will be time for questions after the talk and perhaps a look at your camera.

If you can come, let me know via email - I would love to meet readers.

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  1. Pearl, I wish I could attend! Is there any way that you will be taping your presentation? I would love to watch it if you do!

    1. Not sure I can arrange that, Laura. The talk is a composite of many of my posts on this subject. Do not worry, I will continue to share the tips and tricks on my blog. This one is the most recent :

  2. Oh drats!!!! Too far away.....

  3. Now that is a lecture I would love to attend, unfornuately the distance from here to there forbids it.
    I know there will be a fantastic turn-out and I'm positive that you too will have a marvelous time meeting and talking with other jewelry artists and bead aficionados

    1. Yes, I will have a grand time! And I hope the people who attend will be fired up with a can-do attitude!


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