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Statement Wire Crochet Necklace Tutorial

People who start off doing yarn crochet will find wire crochet really strange indeed.  Wire is nowhere as flexible as yarn so working with it is not going to be the same. Neat freaks may also find it less endearing as the end result is irregular and funkier.   One truly has to embrace wire crochet as something completely different.

The most common way people do wire crochet jewelry is with braided chains.  But this wonderful statement wire crochet necklace tutorial over on Simplicity (Update : link no longer works) is a refreshing change. It takes full advantage of wire's greater rigidity and ability to stay in shape.  Game anyone?

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  1. I've never been one for crochet - just doing the basics I guess.

    But this tutorial is certainly easy to follow - and it really is just using the basics...chain 1 etc. etc.

    Hmmm - maybe I'll give it a try? Are you going to? :0)

    1. Yes, it is not difficult even for beginners. If I do, it won't be the same! As you know I rarely do what others do!

  2. It's definitely different . Most wire crochet instructions call for a really fine gauge wire, such as 26, so I can imagine 22 gauge wire would be a challenge to manipulate and would pretty much do its own thing.
    That could really cause a "neat-freak" much consternation.

    1. 22G will indeed feel differently than 26G although still okay to hook up. One alternative is to work double. 2 strands of 26G will be easier to manipulate than 1 strand of 22G.


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