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Lovely Wire Wrapped Cross Pendant Tutorial

I have covered a number of wire wrapped cross pendant tutorials before.  They come in all sorts of imaginative designs.  So when I think I've seen enough, along comes another lovely one.  This tutorial is by reader, Zoraida, over on her blog, Art-Z Jewelry.  It is a striking design especially in patinated copper.

Copper is a good choice as it is a soft metal.  You do have to use what Zoraida recommends - a 16G or 18 G wire - any thinner and it won't look good.

Also note she uses half round copper wire to do the wrapping.  As the main cross had been hammered to work harden as well as to flatten the wire somewhat, the flat part of the half round wire makes the wire wrapping easier.

Take heed of her other bit of advice - use some masking tape or extra bits of scrap wire to bind the piece temporarily together while you wrap other sections together.  I often do this myself so I don't feel like I need a prehensile tail or extra arms like an octopus!

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  1. Thanks so much, Pearl for featuring my tutorial! I enjoyed making it and love all the wonderful comments I've received on it.

    1. We all thank YOU for sharing this gorgeous design!

  2. Beautiful cross and a very clear and concise tutorial. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Perfect for Easter!

    What an easy tutorial as well. I love working with copper!

  4. OMG, this looks great! Exactly my style! Thanks, Zoraida and Pearl!

  5. The cross is beautiful and its Celtic design is non-gender specific so would work for either male or female.
    Zoraida's tutorial is wonderful, clearly written, lots of informative photos and interspersed with helpful hints or tips.

    1. That is a most astute observation! Yes, I agree it is a wonderful unisex one.


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