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Upcycle Old Pendants into Elegant Napkin Ring Holders!

Got some pendants you don't like anymore?  Or found some bargain pendants from a craft store?Whether you make this a recycled project or not, this cool conversion of pendants into elegant napkin ring holders will surely add a sparkle to your next dinner party!

pendant napkin ring holder tutorial

This shabby chic napkin holder tutorial is by Lisa Vetowich otherwise known as Punky Pep over on Crafting Rebellion.  She used wood curtain rings as the base!  Neat!

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  1. Love them!!

    I always use cloth napkins when I am hosting and these really look super!! I'm going to go make myself some! :0)

    Thanks for finding and sharing this Pearl!!

  2. Cute idea ! Wish I was more of a cloth napkin and fancy china type of hostess but at my house it's paper plates and paper napkins - my guest really have it rough. :D
    Crafting Rebellion's site is full of tutorials and other crafting ideas. It's sad that their last post was in 2013.


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