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Beadalon's Cool Circular Jig for Making Wire Bracelets!

I love tools especially the inexpensive plastic variety. Anything to help make jewelry faster and/or easier.  Beadalon has come up with a novel one - a circular  jig for making wire bracelets.  Check out the tutorial over on Art Beads for a Belisama bracelet by Cheri Carlson.   Isn't this crystal number lovely?

The Artistic Wire 3D jig costs less than $15. Sweet.  The above tutorial does require an extra package of pegs.  At around $5-6, it won't break the bank either.  It is a simple yet clever innovation.

You must be thinking - why can't I use a regular flat jig?  Yes you can, but you will have to remove  and reposition the work in progress as the work gets longer. The flat jig is not long enough.  

Designing on a circular jig is made easier because you can see how the bracelet actually looks like in the round. Once the first bracelet is completed and fitted, it will be a breeze to note the desired length for future designs. 

One of the pictures in the tutorial shows how the wire ends are wrapped to finish off.

Note: I have no association with either Beadalon or Art Beads although I was once part of Art Beads' past blogger program. I simply love tools! As they say, he or she who dies with the most tools, wins!!

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  1. Wirework is Such Fun!!

    I can definitely imagine what I could create with this tool! A jewelry designer can never have enough tools I think!

  2. I've been eyeing that tool for a while now. It looks well made and something that would be very useful.

  3. Would you recommend this bracelet jig to someone who is a relative newcomer to wirework? Or do you think a flat jig would be better to start with?
    (I'm more of an off-loom seed bead girl, if that makes any difference ;)
    That bracelet one looks scary to me, with all the spikes! lol

    1. It's too bad Beadalon doesn't answer your question isn't it?

    2. Working with jigs is different from forming everything yourself or with some mandrels. If you are at all nervous, I would suggest doing smaller jig projects like earrings chandeliers on a flat jig to see if you like working with jigs.

  4. Start with smaller projects on a flat jig first for sure!

  5. Hi. Ok. So. I have the Thing A Ma Jig and have the bracelet jig sitting on my desk...I'm ready to use but a question; How do you finish off the bracelets with a clasp and are there designs for men?

    1. Hi Lorenzo - I missed this question so I apologize for this late reply. Some people use this jig to make bangles - so no clasp. But if you wish to make it fastenable, then don't make it continuous around the jig but to have a stopping place. Make sure you have loops or places where jump rings can be attached at these ends. Hope this makes sense to you? I should attempt a tutorial at some point!

      Designs can be masculine - I would go with simple designs and use thicker wire. Or if you are willing to experiment, do a combination of leather and wire.


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