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Beautiful Wire Wrapped Stud Earrings and Dangle Tutorial

I don't often come across stud earrings tutorials let alone one that has beautiful wire wrapped dangles! So the tutorial by Hungarian artist, Erika Schneider, is a real gem and perfect for those who like elegant wire designs.  Erika has a website called Cleo-Design.

The tutorial is in Hungarian. To translate the page, use the Chrome browser. Then right click anywhere on the page and select Translate to English from the menu.  Viola! You will be able to read her instructions on how much wire to use.

Otherwise the images are fine to follow.

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  1. What a lovely design!! I'd wear these in an instant!

    1. Me, too! The design can also be adapted for pendants.

  2. These are gorgeous! Pearl, thank you for finding them.

  3. How lovely! Purple is my color too! I like the stud design. You are correct, most designs are for earwires.


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