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Clever "Crossed" Chain and Bead Bangle Tutorial

Some designs are simply pure genius.  Take this clever "crossed" chain and bead bangle tutorial over on GioGio & Co.  The bracelet looks like the chains have crossed but they haven't.  It is a very easy technique which is accomplished stringing beads then 2 chain links row by row. Alternating the bead position is the key.

how to make cross chain and bead bracelet

The Italian tutorial also shows how to quickly do the stringing the easy way using a plastic bottle as a form.

It is important to figure out the bangle size before you begin.  Make a fist with fingers extended as if you are about to slip on a bangle.  Then measure the widest part of your hand which is at the knuckles. Once you've got that length, string the first row with bead and chains close together to that measurement.

Easiest way to translate a foreign language page :
Use the Chrome browser (not Internet Explorer, Firefox etc).  Right click on your mouse and select "translate to English",  That's it.

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  1. Very clever, indeed! So is the bottle method :)

  2. What a great design. Looks like they use elastic thread for the bracelet. I think I would use something stronger especially if I used crystals (they sometimes can be a little abrasive). The tutorial is so well done that I don't think I need to even translate it to figure it out!

    1. It needs a stretchy cord because it is claspless. I would use thick elastic cord and expect to replace it from time to time. As you say, the cords become abraided with time.

  3. Came back to check on this again - what a great idea! I'm all for trying all kinds of different beads/gems with the chain.

    And I totally agree with bairozan - the bottle idea is very clever indeed!


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