You can't really say playing graphic adventure games is a total waste of time.  For some, like Liz, it is well worth her time.  Check out her  LizGlizz Etsy store for a whole bunch of game inspired polymer clay jewelry. A popular store, her fun creations reaches out to legions of fans who remember playing these games in their childhood.

YOUCH Piranha Plant Earrings
She doesn't make them quite like the actual characters - only much better. There is something about polymer clay which makes them more adorable than the flat 2D digital originals. Case in point are her Day of the Tentacle earrings.  I especially love how she took the general idea of the piranha plants from the Super Mario games and made them chomp ear lobes!

Day of the Tentacle Earrings
She also caters to male gaming fans.  Some of her pieces are very small like the Zelda 8 bit heart studs which is a feat in itself.

Chomper Tie Clip
Liz says, "My favorite part of what I do is hearing people enjoy what I create."  I can well imagine their smiles when they open their packages!

Nintendo Mario Cactus Earrings
Harvest Moon Chicken Earrings
Zelda Majora's Mask Men's Cufflinks
Zelda 8 Bit Heart Earrings
Eek!  Shy Guy Mario Earrings
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