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How to Make a Colorful Knotted Embroidery Floss Necklace

I have a fair bit of embroidery floss leftover from when I did some cross-stitching and some thread/string art jewelry (see link below). Got to bust this stash.  Sound familiar?  Then check out this asymmetric colorful knotted and braided floss necklace tutorial over on the Mollie Makes magazine's blog. The piece is by the Coats Craft design team.

embroidery floss necklace tutorial

It is a a delightful and striking design that's easy to do.  Make it in different color combinations.  It doesn't have to be embroidery floss either.  Fine cords used for macrame, kumihimo and so forth will work too. 

embroidery floss necklace tutorial

The ends can be improved upon.  I am not keen on necklace fastenings that require knotting as shown. That is a recipe for entanglement!

So finish them with either large cord end caps if you can get them. Or Make Your Own End Caps from Metal Discs. The bundle of floss can then be wired up and a wrapped loop made on the other side of the caps.

Another option is to make your own wire coil ones such as shown in my past tutorial on How to Make Secure Wire Cord Ends with Spirals or Scrolls.

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  1. What a great design! And here I just sold all my embroidery floss....drats!!

    Will have to look at other options for making something like this.

    I wear a lot of tie dye in the summer (it's my brother's uniform for his rafting business) and this would go with all of them!!

    Hmmmm...... imagination going full tilt now!! :0)

    1. You sold your floss!!! You could have made all kinds of jewelry with that. However, consider the 0.5 or 1 mm thin cords used in macrame. They are a good substitute.

  2. Sigh - Sigh - Sigh.....

    Some days I just don't think..... :0(


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