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Create Chunky Cuffs with Pendants Tutorial!

I know people who prefer to wear bracelets rather than necklaces.  So this tutorial is perfect for them! The chunky cuff tutorial is by Lisa Vetowich of Crafting Rebellion.  She used bezel cuffs for the base and large pendants.

You can buy pendants, stack components up on a filigree or simply remove the bails from old pendants.  This would be a good way to recycle unloved necklaces!

Lisa used glue but an alternative is to use resin clay.  I prefer the latter because there is a slight depth to the bezel cup of the cuff so using this adhesive clay will ensure good contact with the bezel as well as the pendant.

Hat tip to reader Aims for this find!

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  1. Such an easy project with immediate results!

    One thing I also like to do with cameos is give them a little depth. Take acrylic paint in the colour you want and smear over the cameo. Then wipe off leaving the creases and grooves filled with the colour. It gives them a pop that they lack with just the carving. You can buff them after they dry with a buffing block.

  2. Awesome tip! Yes the extra paint will give the cameos more definition.


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