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Innovative Wire Woven Cabochon Pendant Tutorials

Donna Spadafore of Gailavira Jewelry is one of the most delightful wire artisans out there with clever ideas.  Here is one design which she calls Carnival Pendant.  It is wonderful a swirling wire woven and wire wrapped cabochon tutorial. Definitely an outstanding innovative way of dealing with all the wire ends when it comes to wire wrapping cabochons.

It looks more difficult than it really is.  She actuall created even more wire ends as she cinches the frame for the cabochon not just at the top as is usual for wire wrapping cabochons, but also at the bottom.

As the wire wire ends can go in so many directions and curves, the wire weaving for each piece can lead to one of a kind designs.

I also love her Dance Around the Sun Pendant tutorial. Here the wire weaving swirls all around the cabochon and thus supporting it.

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  1. Wow! Some people have incredible patience!

    Even without the wire weaving it would make a beautiful swirly wire wrap.

    What a great tutorial!

  2. Great tutorial! I definitely want to give this a go, not sure if my effort will look as amazing as this though!

  3. I'm willing to try wire weaving techniques and I made the first very shy steps but this is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing, Pearl!

    1. Have fun. I am sure you will get good at it with some practice.


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