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How to Make Matching Macrame Leaf Jewelry Tutorials

Micro macrame jewelry making is not that difficult.  It helps to be neat and to work on a cork board or a small well stuffed pillow shaped base. Another alternative is to use a small commercial macrame board like this one.  There are thread grips at the edges of the board which is useful.

I really like this matching macrame leaf jewelry set by Macrame School.  The necklace in particular is spectacular!.

The video tutorial for the earrings uses various colors which really helps in figuring out what needs knotting as the work progresses. Might be a good idea to try the earrings first before progressing to the necklace or bracelet!

I also like how the necklace uses different color cords. Check out the video here :

The bracelet design is certainly distinctive as you can see from the video tutorial.

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  1. That necklace is truly amazing!!

  2. Amazing colors! I haven't tried this technique yet, I'm not good at fiddly things like making even knots, etc. but this is so inspiring!


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