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Multi Strand Leather Charm Bracelet Tutorial

More is less, right? Not always. Sometimes making multiple simple bracelets and necklaces can really make the designs look stunning. Here is an excellent example. This multi strand charm bracelet tutorial by Kelsy over on the Loose Ends blog is loaded with charms and Swarvoski pearls.

I like how she knotted the leather cords in places which keep the individual charms from moving around too much.

I also chuckled at her misadventure with Super New Glue!  It is a very good glue (I use it) but remember NOT to touch the bits with the glue on or you will glue your fingers together she did.  She ended up using E6000.  Another type of glue to get is 2 part epoxy - that way the glue is freshly made each time.

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  1. Well Yikes on the glue!! That's a tad painful when you do that! Don't you just hate it!!

    Cute idea on the bracelet! Gives me ideas for all kinds of additives to a bracelet like that. The simple knotting works a charm doesn't it!!

  2. The bracelet is pretty and the knotting is smart. I always have problems with gluing the cords in bell bead caps - I tend to put too much glue and it spills out :( E6000 takes time to dry, I don't know about the other one.

    1. You might like Super New Glue. It is liquid and the bottle has a small applicator nozzle for accuracy. You only need a drop. This formulation is different from regular super gle which gets brittle with age.

    2. PS Super New Glue dries in seconds.

    3. Thank you, Pearl, I'll give it a try!


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