Sanding down polymer clay pieces after baking can be a tedious task.   It is unavoidable unless you want to see the flaws! A small sander is required since the pieces are small. One great tip shared by Linda, is to use an electric toothbrush for easy polymer clay sanding.  The full instructions are over on her blog, Linda's Art Barn.

She used a battery operated electric toothbrush but rechargeables will also work.  There are some advantages to this clever technique.  Firstly, the toothbrush is a lot more comfortable to hold than even the smallest Dremel and cheaper too.  The lighter weight might be a deal maker for people who have any kind of trouble holding heavier tools for any length of time.

Usually Dremel tools use coarser grit sandpaper discs.  So being able to custom the grit rating this way is brilliant.  You can use different wet/dry sandpaper right up to 2000 which is fine indeed.  The auto section of any hardware store will carry these items.

Quicker sanding means you can move onto buffing and applying a varnish quicker.  We want to wear the jewelry, already!

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