After my last announcement for a local presentation on How to Photograph Jewelry, I received a number of pleas from readers further afield to do this online so they can attend. The ability to take good photos of jewelry designs is a necessary one and a skill which many, many artisans struggle with. I feel your pain because I myself have gone through pretty much the same angst and have had to work hard over the years learning and then improving my photographic skills not just for my little Etsy store but for this blog.

This presentation basically condenses 8 years of effort and a great many past blog posts on the subject to a succinct 1- 1.5 hour (+ extra time for questions) presentation.  So in response to popular request, I am now able to offer it to readers no matter where you live provided you can meet the requirements of the webinar format.

I am not trying to make anyone into a pro but teach you enough so you can improve your photographic skills quickly for online selling.  If you are spending hours just to get one decent picture of say a $20 pair of earrings, then you know that is not a realistic business practice!

My constantly updated presentation is a holistic approach from the perspective of a jewelry artisan. So it is not just learning what your camera settings are and how they work but includes many tips and tricks that relate specifically for online jewelry selling and promotion.

Here is some feedback from my most recent talk :

" Learned things I wasn't aware of."  Luisa

" So much information!! I can't wait to play with my camera." Sharon

"Fantastic presentation. I also enjoyed the links from your site." Liz

Webinar Requirements
You need a fast enough internet service- if you regularly stream (eg Netflix), watch Youtube or conduct Skype calls, then that is probably okay.  No dial up or satellite internet, please.

It is very easy to participate. There is no software download if you are using a computer.  Tablet users will need to download an app.  Full instructions will be sent to participants.

Your computer should have a microphone otherwise you will have to type in the chat box if you have questions.  Tablet users should be good to go as they typically have inbuilt microphones and earphone jacks. All participants must use ear buds/ ear phones (to cut down hearing extra voices). Sound quality will depend on the quality of your buds/microphone and how busy the internet traffic is. Pen and paper for notes is recommended.

Allow 2 and possibly 2.5 hours for the full webinar. 

The webinar will be offered on a regular basis to manageable small groups.  It will be held on weekends to accommodate those of you who work.  How often and when will depend on demand, my schedule and whether the webinar is completely filled.  As this represents a huge time committment for me and eventually webinar service costs, it will not be free. It will cost $20 per person, paid in advance and will be nonrefundable.

Sign up for my special webinar newsletter so you can be notified when the next one is. I will also announce on this blog. If you cannot make the date, then take a pass and wait for the next one. The sign up link is also on my blog homepage. Just click on Webinars :

The first webinar is scheduled for  Sunday June 7 at 2 pm EST.  Although I have tested out the webinar service with a friend, I want to make sure it works and iron out any kinks if any. So this one is FREE and limited to the first 4 people who sign up for my webinar newsletter and who can make the date.  If anyone can't make it, I will move down the list. Only those who make the cut will be contacted.

Please comment if you have further questions or suggestions!

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