Dragons are part of the myths of many cultures. They also exist in the wonderful creative work of many artisans.  Here are two amazing beaded dragon jewelry tutorials for fantasy fans to enjoy!  The first is by a remarkable Estonian artisan, Viko,  who freely shares a number of beaded creature designs on her Devianart. 

beaded dragon jewelry tutorial

She makes a number of larger beaded dragon sculpture and wing designs but the above style is most appropriate for jewelry. This beautiful pendant design reminds me of an ancient Chinese legend called the Dragon's Pearl. There are two tutorial posts for this. The first is more wordy, the second includes the process photos.

The second beaded design is a bracelet tutorial by Antar (shown above) over on biser.info. The tutorial is based on the Drogon beaded bracelet design created by Sturshel also on biser.info.  Game of Thrones fans will recognise Drogon as the largest of Daenerys Targaryen's 3 dragons which she named after her husband, Drogo.

The dragon bracelet design was inspired by two separate designers - Nancy Jones's dragonscale bangle which was published in Beadwork 2011_2  and Kerrie Slade's superb beaded dragon choker.

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