March 18, 2013 was a big day for Jo Techsmith, of Alberta, Canada.  That was the day she quit her website developer job as it was "making her die on the inside".   She is a true artist who couldn't find anything creative about coding.  She had made her own wedding cake topper as she said she was too cheap to buy one.  That initial foray led to her painted polymer clay and resin sculpture jewelry line.

She is active on DeviantArt, a huge social community for artists and artisans to showcase and discuss their work. As you can see from her extensive gallery, her inspirations come from the anime, manga, animation and Pokemon worlds.  This is the kind of work which attracts many fans to her on DeviantArt.

The eeveelutions (Pokemon) set of pendants shown below were a commission from an eBay buyer :

Closeups of two of the characters, Flareon and Leafeon :

Jo also does lovely owls.  This one was a gift to her mother-in-law for Mother's Day.

She is definitely one artist who can barely keep up with the demand for her work.  She actually has an advisory note in her Etsy store a while ago which says "LOOKING FOR TOOTHLESS? I'm making more Toothless necklaces as quickly as I can, but they sell very quickly."   No kidding.  Soon after as she posts on her Facebook about new ones being available in her near empty Etsy store, they're gone! Toothless, featured in the How to Train Your Dragon movie series, is the Night Fury dragon the protagonist befriends and rides.

To speed up the process and attempt to keep up with demand, the Toothless sculptures (and other popular items) are now cast in resin from molds she made with her original polymer clay sculpture.  You can see how she painstakingly made the original on her Facebook.  While the base color is air brushed on, the time consuming finish is accomplished by painting with acrylics.


Jo is a shining example of an artist who could follow her passion and is very successful a niche market.

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