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How to Make Beads from Double Sided Molds

Ever come across a button design that you really liked but wish it were a bead instead?  Well you can make it into a disc bead by using double sided molds!  The tutorial over on the Russian Hobby Box site shows how simple it can be. The original idea for double sided molds using scrap clay is by 2GoodClaymates on Etsy.

The blog post is in Russian - please use the Chrome browser, right click and select Translate to English. The basic instructions though are clear from the pictures alone.

There are several useful tips like how how high (or thick) to make the mold material, how to carefully remove the button once the impression has been made and so on.  One brilliant one was how to make a groove around the perimeter of the bead.  It was meant to accommodate macrame cords but why not wire?

The tutorial used Sculpey clay mold material but other types like silicone putty (no mold release needed) will work just as well.  Although this tutorial was written for polymer clay, other types of clay like resin clay and metal clay are worthy substitutes.

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Original Post by THE BEADING GEM
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  1. Now that's a great tutorial for us people who make their own beads.

    I have always decorated the join someone instead of leaving that gap that needs to be filled but her idea is a good way to hang the bead as well.

    Thanks for finding this Pearl....I think I'll make myself some new molds.

  2. Unfortunately most of her photos are almost a direct copy of my Double-sided Textured Bead Tutorial. When I asked her about it she said that she did not believe in copyright laws as she was from a different country and she was free to post what she wanted. I tried to ignore it as there was nothing else I could do.

    1. Hi Carolyn - I have updated the post to reflect your pioneering work with scrap clay and how to make the beads so there is no groove! Thanks for letting me know,.


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