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2 Easy Peasy Polymer Clay Bracelet Tutorials

Haven't yet ventured into the polymer clay world?  Here are 2 easy peasy polymer clay bracelet tutorials to get started on. They are both for bangles and are by Lindsay of Delighted Momma. While they are basic, once you get the hang of it, change it up with any polymer clay color mixes and patterns for truly unique designs!  And make several to be worn altogether!

Lindsay's faceted polymer clay bangle tutorial requires just simple hand carving to get the basic shape.  But her tip about putting the bangle in the freezer for a few minutes to make it easier to do so was most helpful. I also like her simple use of sanding and a bit of acrylic paint to get that look.

Her braided polymer clay bangle tutorial is definitely for those who love chunky.

Another suggestion is to try the same tutorials but with resin clay. Blinging up with rhinestones or painting them will customize them!

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  1. A good tutorial! Polymer clay bracelets are such fun to make!!

    One thing I use to help make the shape is an empty pop can. It's the perfect size and will help stabilize the shape when you are making it. It can be popped into the oven as well when you are baking your clay.

    Polymer clay is so adaptable to so many things! It takes blinging very well as long as you have the correct glue....polymer clay adhesive is a good thing!

    1. That's a great tip - I like that you can put it in the oven too. Thanks for sharing. .


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