Whittle down your button stash!  Or if you're like me - make room for more!  This collection of button brooches uses different techniques but they all share something in common.  They are simply fun button brooch tutorials! Use them as pins for coats, hats and fabric bags!  First up is the whimsical wire and button brooch tutorial by Diane Gilleland over on Crafty Pod.

There are many crochet flower brooches out there which use button centers.  I like this gorgeous one by Anabelia Craft Design. The pattern also includes a yarn center.

Rebeka Lambert's cute flower button brooch tutorial on her blog the Artsy Crafty Babe cleverly uses small buttons as the petals! They are glued on behind the larger front buttons.

Buttons can also be glued onto a larger base like a filigree and grouped together as shown in the tutorial by Marsha t. on Cut Out and Keep.

Some of the above can certainly be converted to pendants!

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