I adore wisterias. Their cascading blooms are magnificient in any garden.  I planted a wisteria in my garden last year but it will probably take a while before I see any of the purple blooms.  But I could make some with polymer clay!  Check out this wonderful tutorial on how to make a pair of wisteria polymer clay earrings!   It is by Catherine Starkov. The link is a translated one so will take longer to load.

The designer uses a variety of purple shades and even adds a tint of green on some. It will take some patience and time to make them as each blossom is made out of different parts. The sepals are really, really tiny!  The petals are formed around a headpin or wire which then allows each flower to be wrapped to jump rings.  The jump rings are then attached to short chains to form the cascade.

Some of the most magnificient wisterias are located in Japan.  One of the most gorgeous site features a wisteria tunnel.

Picture by Binary CSE 

The largest wisteria in Japan dates back to about 1870.  It is located in Ashikaga and covers half an acre!

Picture source

Hat tip to reader Aims for this find!

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