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Beautiful Macrame Beaded Earrings and Bracelet Tutorials

If these two beautiful macrame beaded jewelry tutorials don't convince you to try this technique, I don't know what will.  Both these tutorials are from the Macrame School.  The open netted designs as well as the curvy style are really elegant.

The instructor called the design Blue Lagoon. But you could make it in any color you wish. Note that she only works on one half, and the mirror image at that, of earrings tutorial. But you will get the idea of how to place the beads and to make directional turn.   She does speed up the video in places so be prepared to stop and rewind if necessary.

The bracelet tutorial also shows how lovely this design is.  Will you try them out?

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  1. During the winter I had one of the leaders of the local brownies and guides come through....

    I've directed her to your blog as they do lots of macrame. They get a badge of course for knots etc.

    I thought all these tutorials on macrame this and that would be a great way for the young gals to learn what to do with knots besides tying up a boat or someone else.... :0)


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