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How to Make Your Own Chains without Soldering

Making your own chain means your jewelry design will be as handmade as you can possibly manage. Using jump rings is probably the easiest way.  But there are others.  Check out Keirsten's wonderful post on 4 different ways to use some basic metal work techniques and convert wire into awesome chains without soldering.

I love how she balled the ends of the figure 8s shown above. But if you cannot use a torch, she also has a wonderful bracelet example which shows unballed figure 8s used as links.

Her approach is simple - loop or curve thick wire with your tools and hammer flat. I recommend using bail forming pliers for loop consistency.

My favorite has to be the last one - flattened wire links with holes punched at both ends.

She made me chuckle too with her comment, "It's not perfect, but I like my jewelry like I like my men. Primitive."

Also worth a look is this wire wrapped oval link bracelet tutorial over on the Craftsy blog. Clever idea to use  2 small marker pens to form the oval!

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  1. Another great find! I have some Wie textured wire that I wasn't sure what to do with. This looks like it would be fun.

    1. Go for it! Bet the textured wire will look great as a chain!

  2. I love making my own elements. It makes my designs pop and they don't end up looking like mainstream jewelry. That's what sells my designs!

    Read her post and laughed quite a bit!! And loved loved loved her ideas - especially her bookchain!

    Thanks for this Pearl! I can definitely use everything in it!

    1. Not looking like mainstream jewelry is exactly why all of us got into making our own! Your designs do pop!!

  3. Such an inspiration to go forward and create more. At this rate I will never run out of things to do. :)

    1. Don't know about you Arleen but I have enough things to do to last 3 lifetimes! :-)


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