It really, really helps to be skilled in more than one jewelry technique.  British jewelry designer, Christina Larsen works with wire as well as kumihimo and macrame.  In this video tutorial, she does a mashup of two as she shows us how to make a braided wire macrame bracelet.  Isn't it gorgeous with two different colored wire?

This tutorial is not for beginners.  It's best to learn macrame with other tutorials before you embark with wire because wire does not have the working feel of cord.  It is challenging to knot with 3 m (118 inches) of wire!!  So as Christina says on her video, you have to work slowly and carefully.

She uses 22 G wire.  Make sure it is soft temper so it is easier to manipulate it.  Don't overhandle the wire as it will become harder as you work with it more and more.  Christina uses a macrame board which enables the temporary fastening of the wire ends.

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