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How to Make a Seed Bead Morse Code Bracelet Tutorial

Wearing a hidden message or simply a coded form of your name is a lot of fun. I made one for my best pal out of wire coils, beads and chains based on the dots and dashes of Morse code.  That past post also includes the inspiring tutorial which uses knotted cords and long metal tubes.  Got lots of seed beads?  Then you've got to check out Erica's version of Morse code bracelets over on Honestly WTF.  Seed beads allow for longer messages not just names.

morse code bracelet tutorial

She uses crimp beads to keep sections of beads together.  A simple gold bead is used as a closure for these embroidery floss bracelets.  This is a good way to deal with multiple bracelets. Otherwise, use conventional beading wire or thin cords (for larger seed beads) and ends of your choice.

The Zulus in South Africa use coded messages in beaded necklaces during courtship.  (see past post African Beadwork : The Romance of Zulu Beads).  At least the young men there are not entirely clueless if their intended are angry with them!

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  1. Awesome idea. great project for kids home from school for the summer.

  2. Seed beads. Not something I have a lot of in my studio.

    However - that being said - I love the whole idea!

    Couldn't this go a number of ways! I read how the Zulus used their beads for a number of things. I can imagine everyone walking down the street and knowing at a glance that a certain male is in trouble for not paying enough attention to his woman! I wonder how many men are wearing something like this without knowing? :0)

    The Zulus crafting of their beads is absolutely amazing! I imagine all girls are taught this craft at a very young age. No wonder their jewelry is so outstanding and beautiful!

    Now to put my mind to how to write secret messages in my jewelry in many different ways!


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