When I was young, my mother let me "sort" through her costume jewelry collection. I remember she had a number of clip on earrings. I wish she had kept them (and given them to me) as they are fantastic to use in all sorts of ways and not just on your ear lobes. I am going to check out some antique stalls at the local antiques mall to see if I can find any. These two short videos show the 10 clever ways to use clip on earrings.

Not all are jewelry based. Style and Pepper's video tips include using them as :

  • Bookmark
  • Placename holder
  • Wine charm 
  • Shoe clips
  • Scarf clip

The folks over at Glamrs have a great video which shows several ways to use clip on earrings.   My favorites are when the clip on become a necklace focal or a pair and a chain adorn the collar tips!  I really like the idea of making a simple chain necklace different by just changing the clip ons.

  • Flip flop clips (not just for shoes!)
  • Hair jewelry by clipping onto a hairband or hair pin
  • Ring clip
  • Clip on chain necklace focal
  • Collar tips jewelry
  • Trendy ear bud decoration 

Remember they don't have to be vintage clip on earrings.  There are modern ones too.

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