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How to Make a Wire Frame and Wire Wrapped Pendant Necklace Tutorials

Interested in making one of a kind wire wrapped pendant necklaces? Then you have to watch these two tutorials by Liz Kreate over on Youtube.  The final result is a gorgeous design featuring a wire wrapped cabochon complete with a wire and pearl chain.  The tutorials are best for intermediate to advanced wire workers as Liz demonstrates quite quickly. She uses 18G wire for the frame and 24G for the wire wrapping.

The first tutorial shows you how she makes a custom wire frame using a handmade wire jig. Although you can make this frame using your chain nose or bail forming pliers, the jig means you can make several identical frames.  Notice that her loops are quite large and the frame itself is wide. So she demonstrated how to make a jig with large drop in nails - these cannot be nailed on as they have to be removable. You do need to be comfortable using drills for this.  Great tip on how to use tape to mark the depth of the drill bit.

Once the wire frame is created, then the wire wrapping fun begins! In her next tutorial,  Liz makes wire wrapping cabochons very easy but really, it takes lots of practice to do it as quickly as she does.  I particularly liked her tip for using stickly Blue Tack to temporarily secure the cabochon besides painter's tape.

You don't have to make exactly the same frames as she used.  Nor the same beads.  The tutorial shows you in general how to go about customizing your own.  Note the tip on how she secures pearl discs onto the wire loop bases so they sit flat.

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  1. This video is on my saved list. I watch it now and them and when I know I'm ready, I'll make something based on it. Liz Kreate's tutorials are very informative!

  2. Have watched both videos and cracked up when Liz said she couldn't stand it and had to finish the one like us to be unhappy with something unfinished at some point.

    I did note that the first video's base is not the same one as the one she demonstrates on the second. No matter. We all can figure out that the additional loop on top of the pendant is to be used for another bead or just leave it out.

    Making your own wire jigs is Such Fun!! I don't use my jig nearly enough but this has certainly inspired me to haul it out and get using it again.

    I also laughed when Liz said - this part took me 6 hours! So I'm just going go compress it and you can figure out what you are doing. So right!

    Great tutorials to watch on a weekend Pearl!


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