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2 Beaded Butterfly Tutorials to Enjoy!

Butterflies are one of the prettiest insects out there and one of my favorites.  Here are 2 beaded butterfly tutorials to enjoy.  Which one you use depends on how fast you want to go!  The first one is a gorgeous seed bead Swallotail butterfly design by Marina Taran over at It's My Art.  The instructor gives the beading chart and shows how to join the wings to the body but not how to make the body. The design is suitable for a necklace focal . So  on both counts, this tutorial is for intermediate and advanced beaders who can figure out on their own.

The tutorial is in Russian.  So use Google Translate or even better, the Chrome browser : just right click anywhere on the page and select translate to English.

I also loved the the 2 needle crystal butterfly tutorial over on Fire Mountain Gems. It was designed by Tim Cronkhite inspired by a design by Dee Dee Simental. The bicones and curved metal tubes are superbly matched together.

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  1. Oh Wow! Those are really gorgeous!

    I'm with you on loving butterflies Pearl!

  2. With due credit to the first design, the second one is so inventively structured and very beautiful!

  3. I've had my eye on the Fire Mt. crystal butterfly tutorial for a few years now but just have never gotten around to ordering the curved tube beads. It is a beautiful design and I am so happy to see you've featured it in this blog post. Bet now there'll be a rush of orders for curved tube beads. :)


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