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I didn't want to wait until the next Valentine's Day or Mother's Day because these 3 gorgeous wire woven heart pendant tutorials deserve to be featured NOW!  The design will make a wonderful gift for a special person too.  They are all video tutorials.

The first one shown above is by Nicole Hanna who calls her Youtube channel,  Go Art Yourself. She does not show you how to make the heart frame (so check out the link below for helpful tips). Wire woven designs become especially lovely when the metal is patinated.

I also love Christina Larsen's heart wire woven jewelry designs.  The first is an awesome earrings tutorial which includes Cupid's arrows. You can make an extra one for a matching pendant.  I have never seen anyone attempt a wire wrapped arrow until Christina!

This wire woven design takes a little more patience as you are not going to wire weave directly from a spool.  Always tricky to work with such a long piece of wire.

Christina's other wire woven design tutorial is a double heart pendant.  I love how she made the hearts of two different size and added the wire writing element.

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  1. The copper one looks stunning

  2. Oh Breezy - you beat me to it!! (and hear I was going to make sure you saw this post today...) :0)

    These are all superb tutorials Pearl. I too love the copper one the best.

    I was thinking this morning as I read your blog and drank my coffee - just how much you do and give to all your readers - endlessly and freely.

    These tutorials are another example.

    I just want to say that I use your work every single day. I use the search feature to go back and find tutorials on items that I'm thinking of doing. I've definitely used the tutorial on how to make your own display stands - especially the one from Kotomi - and I really appreciate that!

    I can't tell you how much I've learned from you in the years I've been reading your posts.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart my friend. You are AWESOME!!

    1. What I can say, except, aw, shucks!! Thank you for your kind words.

  3. I've learned a lot from both artists' YouTube channels! My respect to all those generous souls for sharing!

  4. Yes Pearl, we have all benefitted greatly from your blog. The tutorials that you've found and shared - including your own tutorials and wisdom.
    All the trends, topics, history and knowledge that you've posted over the years has helped teach and inspire us.
    Thank you from another big fan of yours. :)


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