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Beautiful Wire Woven Rose Earrings Inspiration and Rose Ring Tutorial

Some people are soooo creative!  I am a fan of Christina Larsen of CSL Designs for that reason.  She is always coming up with innovative designs. And what's more she shares many of them.  Her instructional videos are very clear.  This beautiful wire woven rose earrings tutorial is delightful!

It is a clever idea to use a wire woven "ribbon" to create the rose shape.  It is a very organic design as it will be hard to exactly duplicate a rose.

[Update - the tutorial is no longer available. Check out Cora's website for a paid tutorial for a large ring that is similar in design. Designed by Kiki Aprilia Adiwijaya]

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  1. Should there be a link to the video tutorial? If so, I couldn't find it (only the link to the website where people can buy the tutorial for the ring. I tried the link from the email, & it didn't work. Thanks!

    1. No, unfortunately the video tutorial no longer works ( the instructor removed it before I realized it) so you will have to consider the paid tutorial.

  2. Wow! This wire-work is different to what I've seen so far. Different is good.

  3. The paid tutorial does not seem to be the same as this one. Too bad you can't locate the tutorial for the rose earrings. I would have loved it.

    1. No it is not quite the same but the general principles are there. I too am disappointed the video was pulled.


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