I have a confession to make.  I really don't make good bird's nest jewelry.  It sounds really wierd when this particular design requires very relaxed and inprecise wire work!  If you have trouble just like me, then check out this latest bird's nest wire jewelry tutorial.  It is by Rhonda Chase. You can make it into a pendant or earrings.

I agree with her when she said, "I've seen a number of bird's nest jewelry designs, but they're usually a little light for my taste. My design is very sturdy and has a good weight. Like a real bird's nest, they should be messy and organic. This means that these little nests are always unique. They can be customized with different metals and different "eggs" for a variety of looks. And they make beautiful gifts, especially for moms." Indeed, someone once told me she made a ton of these for Mother's Day.  One suggestion is to use birthstone colors for the eggs which represent the children.

Although you don't have to patinate, the extra step is worth it as the darker areas give the piece more definition.  I also like her use of square wire - gives the design a different look.

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