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Faux Shark Jewelry for Shark Week!

This week is Shark week!  Discovery channel's long running event with special programming was originally created to bring awareness and raise respect for the maligned shark.  They are dying in droves, with their fins cruelly hacked off all for shark's fin soup. So it seems appropriate for these faux shark jewelry tutorials. Fun for all ages! These tutorials can be applied to make other shapes not just sharks and their teeth!

The first one is by Daniel Parker over on Studs and Buttonholes.  He does use a real shark's tooth to make a mold.  What is interesting is he uses thermochromatic pigment paint which changes color with temperature for his faux shark tooth jewelry.  I would also consider using polymer clay or resin clay.

You can also wire wrap each fake tooth. Check out Wigjig's tutorial for wire wrapping irregular objects.  

Kariand over on Craftinomicon chose to use a neon colored shrink plastic for her faux shark necklace. But the plain variety (with or without your own coloring) will also work.  As I mentioned above, it doesn't have to be a shark shape. So have some fun!

Using the shark silhouette template for polymer clay is another easy option. This tutorial is by Diary of a Mad Crafter.

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  1. Who knew it was shark week. Pearl, thank you for teaching me something new again!

    1. It was rather quieter this year than in previous years. But I thought it was worth mentioning to raise awareness because of the extreme cruelty they are facing. Far more sharks (millions) are killed by humans than the other way around.

  2. Uh Oh! I think we're going to need a bigger boat........

    1. I think you are pretty safe where you are! But seriously, hippos are much more deadly than sharks. And mosquitos are humanity's biggest killers.

    2. I just HAD to throw in a quote from Jaws! You know me!!


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