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Not ready to try riveting yet?  No problem.  Check out these two 2 clever ways to faux rivet jewelry.  The first tutorial uses doubled hole metal links and headpins to link together various components.  Tierracast's video shows how easy it is.

The Kinetic Elegance earrings project design (shown above) is a wonderful example of how using this simple sandwiching technique can help you build up designs. The only skill you need is the ability to make a wire loop at the back - and we can all do that, right?  Watch the video and you will see what I mean,.

You do need to double up on the key components which form the "bread" of the sandwich. Note that hexagonal spacer beads do help create the look of real rivets.

The other faux riveting method is accomplished by stacking metal rondelles and perhaps center drilled beads onto bead bars. Bead bars are designed to carry lamp work beads.  This Tierracast video shows how you can stack the components onto chain links.  All you need is a jump ring to secure the stack together. Neat!

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  1. Watching these tutorials I sat here and thought what it would be like to design the elements that they used to put together these pieces.

    I imagined they came up with the bead bar for lampworking beads - and then they were sitting around and someone said - 'hey! You could use these bead bars to do faux-riveting! Imagine that!!'

    And from there - well - ideas would be popping up all over the place...just from one simple lightbulb moment!

    Such Fun!!

    1. I so agree! Just because a certain component is used for one thing doesn't mean it can't be used for another.

  2. Olá!
    Passando para uma visita e agradecer pelo vídeo desta pulseira( Zigzag Beaded Bracelet, Anklet and Ring Tutorial),fiz acompanhando no visual pois não falo inglês.Você não tem o passo a passo desta pulseira escrito,aí eu poderia fazer a tradução,desde já obrigada se possível.
    Boa noite uma ótima semana pra você.


    1. Olá,
      Eu não falo Português quer. Espero que o vídeo vai ajudá-lo a seguir o tutorial , mesmo que não está em Português ! (Eu usei o Google Tradutor!)


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