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How to Make Japanese Paper Flower Jewelry Tutorial

Kusudama (literally translated as medicine ball) a type of origami which was the precursor to modular origami.  The folded forms are typically assembled together using glue or sewing.  Here is a basic Japanese paper flower jewelry tutorial by boddhi15 over on Instructables. The instructor is working on a wedding party jewelry set.

The technique yields petals of different sizes from each folding. Several of the same size are glued together to form a single flower. The instructor used nail polish to seal the paper jewelry. I wonder how the flower would look if one used dimensional sealer?

Flowers can also be attached to each other to form a ball.

Here are a couple of examples from other artisans.

Mr and Mrs Gray's Garland of Flowers necklace

A Garland of Paper Flowers - detail

Nicole Johnson's Kusudama Pendant


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  1. Those are really pretty!

    I wonder if you prepared the paper with the idea of coating it with resin if it would fold properly.... hmmmmm....

    1. It will be very difficult to fold as the resin makes it stiff. Best to do the folding first, spray a sealant to protect the paper colors and then add resin. The resin does make paper translucent. I do have a fan necklace on my Etsy done in this manner.


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