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2 Ways to Wire Wrap Irregular Gemstone Nuggets

I sometimes cannot resist a bargain at gem shows.  Some years ago I bought some lovely polished irregular gemstone nuggets because they were a steal.  So how did I manage wire wrapping these into pendants back then?  They have to be secure, mind so the nuggets don't fall out. I used the beginner friendly hippy twist!   The hippy twist is a simple and informal wire wrapping technique which involves some wire twisting!  Here is a basic tutorial by Lisa Yang.

Another way is to do a simple basket weave.  Check out Linda Jones' tutorial of the Wire Workers Guild for the how to and some fun suggestions at the end.

With either technique, you can go crazy have fun with the the bail end. The tutorials can also be applied to sea glass.

Photography Tips
Grouping similar items sometimes makes a bigger impact.  Top photograph taken with my iPhone 5, camera+ app and Modahaus TS300 Photostudio.  Click here to find out more about my How to Photography Jewelry webinars

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  1. I had no idea I was doing the 'hippie twist'. But then again I'm not surprised....tie dye shirts - every sort of funky thing I apply to my work....ya....I'm right in there. Just an old hippie....

    1. I have no idea why some unknown person called it the hippie twist! Maybe because it was such a relaxed sort of style! You aren't old enough to be an old hippie, surely?

  2. I am a bit familiar with the Hippy Twist method, having used it a couple of times in the past. The basket, caged version from Linda's tutorial is new to me and is most intriguing. It creates a very different look depending upon the shape of the stone.

    Thank you, Pearl, for finding and directing us to these great tutorials. The knowledge that we glean from your website is absolutely immeasurable. :)


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