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Easy Peasy Wood Monogram Wire Bangle Tutorial

Like the minimalist style? Maybe with a bit of warm wood thrown in?  Then check out this easy peasy wood monogram wire bangle tutorial by Kim over on Made in a Day. This Mod Podge decoupage tutorial not only suits those who don't like elaborate designs but it also offers all sorts of potential depending on what you use to decorate the discs.  You can buy wooden blanks in different shapes if you aren't up to sawing your own. But you do need to know how to drill. Consider a manual spiral ratchet drill like this one if you can't use an electric one.

This tutorial is a good one for  those aren't familiar with working with thick gauge wire. I recommend you hammer/work harden the wire bangle which is not shown in this tutorial. Find something like a can to serve as a mandrel. I like using a  car exhaust pipe fitting (available from Canadian Tire or other hardware/car part store).  Do check the sizes available to ensure you can slip your hand through as the design is a bangle. This low cost bracelet mandrel is hardy for hammering.

Other suggestions include using stamped metal blanks which will require a hole puncher.  Or use some sweet handmade resin discs.

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  1. First of all let me say that I've just spent about 5 minutes, rolling the phrase; "Mod Podge Decoupage" , around in my head. It does have a melodic ring to it, doesn't it ?

    I do like the clean simplicity of this design and also think it would be a very versatile foundation for many different designs, not only by decorating the wood blanks in every conceivable fashion, but by using self decorated metal blanks or pre-decorated metal links (like the gorgeous ones that I won on your blog give-away from TierraCast) . One could also add beads to the wire part of the bangle . . . or even wrap it in wire or maybe leather ?

  2. Almost Precious has added even more ideas to those roaming around my head. Now I'm saying "Mod Podge Decoupage" three times!!

    You've mentioned the car exhaust pipe before so you know I'm going to have to go to good ole' Canadian Tire - or maybe even Princess Auto and see what I can find!

    Shopping for tools in unexpected places - Such Fun!!

  3. Too funny! I didn't realize "Mod Podge Decoupage" could have such a ring to to it when spoken out loud!

    Yup, I absolutely adore looking for possible tools everywhere I go!


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