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Clever Basket Weave Wire Tutorial Uses Loom Weaving Action

Using techniques from other crafts is a sure fire way of coming up with innovative designs.  Lisa Claxton of Beaducation demonstrates this with her stunning and clever basket weave wire design video tutorial.  She applies a number of the loom weaving techniques to her design.

It is important to note that hard wire (not half hard or soft temper) head pins are used for the warp. They have to be hard temper because they need to be strong enough when the weaving wire is added.

What is so cool is how the instructor uses the second connector much like the reed of a real loom to batten (push) the woven work closer together.

Someone on Youtube asked if they can make and sell this design.  The answer is yes! "You can make and sell this design. We just ask that you don't manufacture or mass produce the design. But, you are more then welcome to make and sell on a smaller scale."

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  1. It is a lovely piece and very intricate. I've only glanced at the tutorial as it is over an hour in length, but appears that Lisa explains things in detail, giving the viewer helpful tips (like how to use of the nylon jaw pliers for straightening finer gauge wire), along with much needed information.
    Will come back when I have an hour of free time to devote my full attention to this instructional video.

    1. Yes, she does indeed explain well. There is much to show hence the time! It is a clever design indeed.

  2. A lovely piece. I really like how it has a little fold around the centre bead. Thanks Pearl.

  3. This is such a gorgeous pendant! And I too am going to take an hour and go through the whole thing. With all the variations of beads and colours of wire and pins I can imagine all kinds of different looks.

  4. Fabulous tutorial. Lots of interesting little tricks that make will make wire weaving in general so much easier.


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