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Beautiful Beaded Heart Earrings Tutorial

Not everyone is into hearts but surely those of you who bead will love this beautiful beaded heart earrings design tutorial!  It is by Moscow based Galina Dietrich over on Accessories for Life.  She used Swarovski drop crystals but cleverly forms the heart shape with seed beads. She finished up the deisgn especially at the top for a very elegant look.

The tutorial is in Russian, so please use Google Translate or use the Chrome browser and right click on anywhere in the page and select Translate to English.

Hat tip to Angie Martin on Facebook!

Before You Go:
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  1. Even though this isn't what I do I thought I'd still go have a look at just what type of bead she used to make the heart design with.

    They are quite pretty and elegant. I think they would be a seller for sure.

  2. I'm in love . . . those are . . . well what's a more powerful word than "gorgeous ? Have my fingers crossed that I'll be able to understand the translation. :)

  3. Addendum - Thankfully there were a lot of photos to help clarify the instructions as my Google translate did not fully translate everything clearly. Like what is a : " Propletaem mosaic braided row" ? :D
    But referring to the photos helped me figure out that it meant the peyote stitch row or round. Without the photos I'm sure I would have been completely lost.

    1. Yes, the Google translated text can be hilarious but so long as you can get the gist with the help of photos, you should be good to go!


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