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This Long Seed Beads Hair Clip Idea Can Lead to More Beadwork!

This simple long seed beads hair clip idea is definitely retro!  Hands up how many of you remember the trend? Well, it is still a great idea and an easy one at that.  The tutorial from LoveMaegan shows how well it looks with long hair.  And depending on what is used, maybe match outfits too.  The younger set would enjoy wearing a clip or several of them.  Perhaps adorned with a feather or two?

But I think the idea can lead to more beadwork. Maybe shorter and more tassles with a beaded flower on the clip itself?

What do you think?

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  1. Reminds me of when my girls were in Junior High School. They and their friends were all making those braided hair clips using very thin ribbon and at the of the ribbons they'd add a few pony beads held in place by making a knot at the end of the ribbon.
    I had forgotten how sweet those looked, very feminine and a lovely accessory for just about any outfit.

    1. Retro ideas rock these days to the younger generation.

  2. I have to try to make a couple of these, this is a great and simple idea! Thank you!

  3. Simple and pretty quick to make, also a great activity for an afternoon with young girls!

  4. I so agree! Young girls will have a ball with this retro idea.


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