Torch work is like the final frontier.  Sort of like space exploration - the last place most people can or want to go.  But the technique is worth learning. So this FREE  Micro Torch Basics mini class from Craftsy is ideal to take the fear out of this useful hot connection method.  The excellent instructor, Kate Richbourg goes over the exact things all beginners need to know to get started.

Free mini classes are not as long as the full classes.  This one lasts about 1 hr and 20 minutes. But it is full of great instructions - the kind other instructors do not have time to fully cover.

Lesson 1 is just the Craftsy introduction. In Lessons 2-4,  Kate demonstrates the controls of and how to fill two common torches - the Blazer and the Max Flame. She also covers all the safety aspects including having a fire extinguisher around as a precaution. Other than that, the equipment needed is pretty basic.

Many artisans like to fill the work tray with coarse vermiculite (available from garden centers) or pumice stone as additional insulation but as you can see, Kate omits it.

Lesson 5 is all about how to make beautiful but easy stacking rings.  Kate shows how to cut large jump rings properly with flush cutters and how to torch them close.  Solder paste is so much easier than dealing with little pieces of solder metal!Solder paste contains both solder and flux and are temperature rated - soft, medium and hard (low to higher temperatures).   She covers everything from how to size them on the mandrel, how to clean them up and finish them.  Loved her alternative to the pickle pot for cleaning up fire scale.

Lesson 6 covers how to size and solder a band ring made from very thick half round wire.  As you can see, the band ring with the copper stacking rings makes for a pretty combination.

I highly recommend this free class to all!  You may not be ready yet to take up micro torch work but it is worth a look.  Who knows?  You might find it easy enough and be inspired to take it up.

Update: You do have to join Craftsy first (free) and order the class in the cart. Once downloaded you can check it out.


I am now a Craftsy affiliate which means I receive a small compensation if and when classes are purchased through my blog.  The opinions expressed here are entirely mine and mine alone.  These would be the same, whether or not I receive the compensation.

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