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Silver has always been popular but lately, gold is making a come back! But there is no need to break the bank given how expensive gold is.  I love Denise Mathew's easy peasy faux gold dipped pendant video tutorial because it adds a little elegance to plain wrapped pendants.   I like how she kept the gilding only at the top of the wrapped pendants.  She said she was inspired by this tutorial.

I've actually tried gold leafing (this is the fake stuff which is a lot cheaper than real gold leaf) before but not on largish wire wrapped focals like Denise used.  While it is easy, be patient and be prepared for the for messy fingers.  Do not have fans on (duh) and try and keep the scraps contained.

The company that makes the metal leaves also makes the real kind as well as in other metal colors.

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  1. I have always wanted to try the foil technique, but I have not really found such thin faux foil flakes only real ones locally. Any idea if metal sealants or mod podge work this well?

    1. The real gold foil where you are is probably far less expensive than the stuff here. So I would definitely use what you can get. You can absolutely use other sealants like Mod Podge!

  2. Ooooh! I like this tutorial!! Beats having to struggle with electroplating!!

    Thanks Pearl!!

  3. Nice pendants. The gold leaf on the rough crystals creates a rustic but sophisticated look.
    I did some faux gold leaf years ago and though it was not real gold, the sheets were micro thin and little more than a baby's breath would send it flying. So I truly had to chuckle at your note about having fans turned off. Yes, that was definitely good advice. : )

    1. Sometimes, holding one's breath is necessary too!


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