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Pretty Bugle Bead Jewelry Beading Tutorials

Bugles are fantastic for beadwork. Pity they aren't used more. Here are some lovely bugle bead jewelry beading tutorials to try.  You won't be disappointed!  The first one is a pretty butterfly inspired necklace was posted by Elena Tvetkova over on  It is a pictorial so there is no need to translate.

These next  2 tutorials combines 2 elements - the triangle shape and bugle beads!  The designs are from Bead Diagrams.  They are not hard to do and should work up quickly.  The necklace pictorial uses really lovely purple iris bugles.

The earrings version can be found over here.  Don't these look like little dancers with their skirts flouncing away?

Bugles also come in handy with the collar necklaces such as this one from Beads Magic.

This one also by Beads Magic is a stunner.

Who wouldn't fall in love with this one?  The bugle bead necklace tutorial is by Bead Diagrams.

Preciosa also has this bracelet tutorial shared on Fire Mountain Gems which features very long bugles.

Not into really into beadwork?  You can still manage this easy bugle bead bangle - the bugles join two bangles together.  The tutorial is by Kathie over on Curious and Catcat.  She didn't go all the way around but I think it would be a good idea for stability.

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  1. Beadwork scares me but I have used bugles before in embroidery so it might be a good place to start for me

    1. Beadwork is more time consuming than scary. Bead embroidery is cool too! Have fun!

  2. Amazing and all so very pretty. Makes we wonder why I've not used these precious little tubes more often. Think me last project with bugle beads was 6 or 7 years ago, when I used them as fringy dangles on a pair of earrings.
    Love the butterfly necklace and will certainly return to Elena's webpage to studied it in further detail. Thanks for reminding me how lovely these little jewels are. :)

  3. Some gorgeous designs here!!

    I laughed at your last comment - that's me isn't it!

  4. The triangle pieces are gorgeous - they look very intricate (to a nonbeader like me)!

  5. I love bugle beads. I made a necklace today with silver bugle beads as accents with mint color beads. A few years ago i made a dark blue bugle bead choker necklace and everyone likes it. I just love the designs and color choices for picture one and six. My necklace did not have any design so I am so glad I came across your site it will be very helpful for a more elegant necklace. Christine G


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