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Gorgeous Shibori Ribbon Beaded Jewelry by Perline e Bijoux

Japanese shibori (tie dyed) ribbon is simply lovely.  The most common application in jewelry design is to use it to hang pendants from. But truly innovative designers will do something totally different. Italian designer, Simona Svezia, besides others like Sherry Serafini, uses it to create gorgeous shibori ribbon beaded jewelry for her Etsy store, Perline e Bijoux.

Her method of combining bead embroidery and occasionally soutache with the swirling folds of the ribbon is just stunning! She makes both earrings and necklaces.  She also has tutorials for some of her designs in her Etsy store so you can learn her technique of beading with ribbon.

Simona, who is bilingual, says she has always been attracted to beads since childhood. She further explained, “I started working with the beads about 14-15 years ago when I bought a book on flowers made with beads and soon my house was full of beaded flowers! A little later, my interest shifted to jewelry and from then on I tried to learn all the different techniques: beadweaving, embroidery, and then shibori silk and soutache. Now this work has become for me a kind of meditation through the expression of craftsmanship and creativity.“

She is inspired by nature as well as other cultures and different historical periods. Indeed, her Venere earrings below look like they could belong to an Indian dancer! Absolutely luxurious designs!

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  1. These are so achingly beautiful, but how would one clean items like this? Dry-cleaning?

    1. I would imagine very, very gently in mild soapy water. Pat dry and dry flat.

    2. I would imagine these pieces aren't going to be worn often. As Simona just told me, best not to get them dirty!

  2. Gorgeous indeed. I have only done shibori on cotton before, silk looks heavenly

  3. Her designs take my breath away. They are indescribably beautiful. She truly knows how to use color and the use of the ribbon adds so much fluidity to her creations. Absolutely Stunning !!!

  4. Another incredible artist! And her work is indeed art!!

    Even her bails and beads - they look like they are made out of soutache - are incredible!

    A gal would feel incredibly dressed up in those beautiful designs!!

  5. Stunning pieces, the symbiosis between the silk and beads is so organic. Good point about maintenance, though. These pieces can be heirloom pieces and should be taken good care of :)


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