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How to Makeover Your Fitbit Bracelet

I've been wanting to get an activity tracker for ages ever since I got a chance to try out 5 different types on the market. I need more exercise and I knew a tracker will give me the incentive,  I held out for Apple watch but when it launched I found it was too pricey and disappointing in style.  Most smartwatches just don't cut it for people with smaller wrists.  So I did ask for the Fitbit Charge as a birthday gift.

Fitbit is by far the industry leader in activity trackers. The devices are worn like bracelets or on the person which sync with smartphones and computers. You can track not only your activity but sleep, diet, weight and so on.  It also wakes me up with a silent alarm.

There are several compatible apps which link up with Fitbit including My Fitness Pal which helps with watching what one eats.  I must say the amount of salt in processed food is incidious and frankly alarming!!

Much as I like my new Fitbit and find it useful, it is utilitarian in style and I wondered if there were ways to makeover the fitbit bracelet so it looks more like jewelry.  Lo and behold, others have already been there and done that. Courtney over at Fit Body Nourish blinged her Fitbit Charge out with adhesive rhinestone strips.

Hardly a tutorial but a clever idea nonetheless is just to place the Fitbit underneath a solid bangle. This idea came from Southern Menagerie who balked at the expensive designer bracelets.  There is a disadvantage with this one - the display of a Fitbit Charge will be hidden. I do like to use mine to see the time because I can avoid wearing a watch. But it should be easy enough to slip out.

Others have been tinkering with the more popular Fitbit Flex.  These are easier to customize because the little device can be easily removed from the silicone bracelet.  You can also buy extra silicone bracelets in different colors.  If you have more than one then you can makeover these in different ways as shown in Ashlee's tutorial over on My So Called Crafty Life. I do like the one with the brass pyramid studs!

  Amy Clark's tutorial over on Mom Advice shows how she made a small pouch for the device and attached it under a leather cuff. As she said, the basic Flex plastic bracelet was so not her style.

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  1. More exercise is something that I desperately need also and would embrace anything that could help motivate me. I do like the slim, clean lines of the FitBit Bracelet and the clever ideas on how one can bling it up or change its style.

    1. There are actually different models. The popular Fitbit Flex is slimmer than mine, just so you know.

  2. I don't have a Fitbit - but these tutorials will come in handy when my Nymi finally arrives!

  3. I like the idea, but I worry that the embellishments will change the weight and movement of the tracker and thus impact accurate tracking...

    1. I don't think the additional weight will affect the trackers as they track acceleration or movement - you can see that the stainless steel one in the Fitbit designer collection is solid metal which is much heavier overall. Adding crystals is not going to make much difference. A 5 lb weight maybe! Remember that trackers are not all that accurate either and can vary from type to type.

      Here is an article on how trackers work.


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