Well, I'll be.  The creative force is strong in many of you too!  Last week's giveaway for the Beam n Read Personal light was very popular. Poor light, insufficient light, aging eyes and awkward or inadequate alternatives were cited as reasons for wanting a better crafting light.

Some of those alternatives were quite imaginative and awkward. Amy Cousin said, "I strap a hunting type headlight on top of my magnifier goggles, which are on top of my eyeglasses ... sooo cumbersome! The whole get up gives me a headache and I can never get the light to shine in the right place, so my posture really suffers."

So no wonder the Beam n Read light struck a chord because it is not only bright but very adjustable. One lucky winner is about to find out just how useful it is.

I numbered all the eligible entries.  (Please note that comments are moderated.  They do not appear immediately and will only do so when I approve them.). Then I hopped over to random.org and got the random number generator to pick the winning number. This number was assigned to Amy Alpert! Congratulations!

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