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Wood Grained Inspired Polymer Clay Jewelry

Polymer clay lends itself so well to not just color but texture. Those are the reasons why so many artists are drawn to this medium. One outstanding example is French artist, Sonya whose glorious work can be found on her Sonya's Polymer Creations Flickr site.

As with all artists, her creative approach constantly evolves.  Some of her more recent work are her wood grained inspired polymer clay jewelry.  Her designs sometimes include the coupling of woodgrain backgrounds with more colorful elements.  Whatever she does, she is a wonderful inspiration!

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  1. I have been a follower of Sonya on her flickr site for quite awhile and her pieces are amazing . I wish we could bottle her talent and share it.

    1. That is a novel idea! I wish we could indeed bottle up such talent!

  2. Just fascinating work!! Beautiful

  3. Another inspirational artist!!

    And another zoom in to check out the pics Pearl!!

    My absolute favourite is the one with the bird. How gorgeous is that!! All of her pieces are stunning and I follow her work as well.....who couldn't?! Especially if you do anything with polymer clay!

    1. Yes, one can see why polymer clay is such a hit with artists!

  4. Thank you so much for this beautiful feature on my work, Pearl! What an honour!

  5. Talented and inspiring! Amazing work!


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