Thank goodness for the internet.  Not all of us can get to a local jewelry making class. Let alone something really specific and advanced.  So it was no wonder Victoria Lansford's Granulation Techniques Demystified Craftsy class struck a chord with some readers when I wrote about it in last week's giveaway.

Lori said it all in her effusive comment, "OMG OMG OMG! I adore Victoria's work and have been baffled as to how she actually does thus beautiful and intricate work! I'm psyched to know that I have the correct torch setup - and happy to see a more advanced offering - these are the types of things that those of us on a fixed income need, as we can't afford the $500-$1000 it costs to take a class that covers this amazing technique!"

Indeed it is a wonderful opportunity to learn exactly how this ancient technique is done!  With instructions and guidance from a master.

I numbered all the eligible entries and used the random number generator over on It picked the winning number which was previously assigned to Debbie (Hearts of Wire). Congratulations!

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