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Copper Wire Wrapped and Metal Work Jewelry by Nastiva Jewelry

Russian artist, Anastasiya Ivanova of Nastiva Jewelry is one of those rare talented jewelry designers who can turn wire and metal into wonderful one of a kind designs. A prolific artisan, I had a hard time trying to select from her many stunning copper wire wrapped and metal work jewelry designs. Each and every one of her designs is a work of art.

Her animal inspired jewelry pieces were among my favorites because they were superb and utterly unique. Anastasiya is not only detail orientated but her abundant creativity comes across time and time again. Be it birds or horses, she can come up with stunning and totally different designs for many of her favorite themes.

She has many more wire wrapped and metal work jewelry on her Deviantart and on her Livejournal galleries. All of her designs are for sale.

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  1. Oh wow, these are the most original, fabulous creature designs I've ever seen! Stunning work!!!

  2. Absolutely stunning designs!!

    I think our ideas of copper and brass being secondary metals as compared to silver are totally blown out of the water by these creations.

    For some reason the shape of the hooves on her horses really emphasized her talent for me. They resemble horses hooves so closely and really show off her ability to shape the wire and metal to what she wants. Now that's talent!

  3. These pieces are absolutely wonderful and truly breathtaking to look at! You are so talented and should be extremely proud!

  4. These are just amazing. Thank you for finding them

  5. Artful and expressive! Thank you for showing us this talented designer!

  6. Anastaiya has amazing talent and is decidedly a Master Artist. I cannot get over the intricate detailing on each one of her beautiful pieces.

  7. extraordinary art! thank you for sharing with us. Hugs


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